How to care about tulips tricks

Tulip festival - Ottawa
The tulip is not very demanding outdoor culture and it can adapt to all conditions. They are best developed in open sunny spots that at the same time are protected from strong winds. The tulip bulbs are often used in garden landscaping, making flower shapes and flower beds in parks. The late varieties of the tulip tolerate shading, which contributes to long-lasting bloom. 

Before planting the tulip bulbs is best to be sorted as those who have signs of sickness or are injured are sort separately. For the emergence of healthy plants you should disinfect the bulbs after sorting them and before planting. After preparing the bulbs they are being plant in the ground usually during autumn. You should treat the soil before planting the tulips.

How to make rock garden (rockery) at home

Building a rockery or also known as a rock garden is frequently done in a special place in the yard. 

No matter the size of your rock garden is must be an exquisite and spectacular every season of the year. Rock gardens are suitable for all kinds of yards and they can be situated in different places like along paths, along water areas, stairs or along the stone wall or fences. 

It is necessary to comply with certain requirements to build a rockery or rock color area in the garden and yard.
 When crating a rockery in your garden it is good to remember that you are recreating a mountain landscape and that you should use plants that are typical for the region represented in it. Your rock garden can be created on any terrain steeper or plain. If you have a plain one use low conifers or shrubs to increase the visual height of the place where the garden is. You can also use different types of herbs or spices with different flavors.

How to make decorative wall with dry masonry

Dry masonry means to build a wall without using a binder (cement, lime, etc.) (an example of this are made by slm, tiarescott and ng yrizarry), which is one of its biggest advantages, because if you have a river near you or a stone quarry, the only cost you will have is to bring several cubic meters of stones. 

Decorative retaining walls of dry masonry are preferred for landscaping, the distance into the grout is used to fill with flower seeds and herbs even spices.
Such walls you can see everywhere in rural areas, and areas that are close to rivers and quarries. 

Usually constructed of slab stones with different size, but they should not be too small, because the wall will be unsustainable.