How to make rock garden (rockery) at home

Building a rockery or also known as a rock garden is frequently done in a special place in the yard. 

No matter the size of your rock garden is must be an exquisite and spectacular every season of the year. Rock gardens are suitable for all kinds of yards and they can be situated in different places like along paths, along water areas, stairs or along the stone wall or fences. 

It is necessary to comply with certain requirements to build a rockery or rock color area in the garden and yard.
 When crating a rockery in your garden it is good to remember that you are recreating a mountain landscape and that you should use plants that are typical for the region represented in it. Your rock garden can be created on any terrain steeper or plain. If you have a plain one use low conifers or shrubs to increase the visual height of the place where the garden is. You can also use different types of herbs or spices with different flavors.

To select the right place for your rock garden you should consider the following requirements:
For the normal development of the plants it is necessary to find a sunny spot.

You can located your garden near walls, fences or trees so they can protect it from strong winds. But be caution if you are placing your garden next to a tree with powerful root systems because they can start growing between the stones in your rock garden.
Drainage - an important part of a rock garden in the yard:
When you are using plants for rock gardens you should know that they live on gravel soils. And the stagnation of water is detrimental for them. That’s way the drainage is very important for the rock garden. To create a good and sufficient drainage you should dig to a depth of 30-40cm in the soil, and around 15cm of gravel. 

Last step is to put a layer of 25-30cm of well putrid compost and sand which will serve for the development of the root system of your plants.
Types of rocks for rockeries and rock colored spots:
There are different types of rocks and stones that you can use for your rock garden. It is best to use stones that are typical for the area in which you are building your rock garden so that you can make it more harmonious with the environment. 

Most used in our country are the natural limestone, granite or marble. When arranging the stones is best to have the decorative side on the top. The stones are placed in the chosen spot and buried with soil as the majority of the stone is on the top.

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