How to make decorative wall with dry masonry

Dry masonry means to build a wall without using a binder (cement, lime, etc.) (an example of this are made by slm, tiarescott and ng yrizarry), which is one of its biggest advantages, because if you have a river near you or a stone quarry, the only cost you will have is to bring several cubic meters of stones. 

Decorative retaining walls of dry masonry are preferred for landscaping, the distance into the grout is used to fill with flower seeds and herbs even spices.
Such walls you can see everywhere in rural areas, and areas that are close to rivers and quarries. 

Usually constructed of slab stones with different size, but they should not be too small, because the wall will be unsustainable.
Very often this type of walls are used in the landscaping of gardens. Professional landscapers would use a dull stone wall and turn it in to a rockery or rock color recess.What is their secret?

They just fill up a good fertile soil for planting in the space between the stones, also leave larger spaces also filled with fertile soil, as in the picture with the child made by Yogi.At these special places they plant plants which are used for building rock gardens. 

If you have any embankment or slope and you want to build a dry masonry wall you should call a specialist to help you because in that case the dry masonry must be built to a certain requirements in order to be stronger.
But if you just want to have a beautiful accent in your garden or a green area, you do not need landscape architects, and only one week of free time. One of the most suitable materials for dry stone walls are limestone and sandstone. They are more interesting and your wall will be quite attractive. 

You can use granite, but it has a dark gray color and stands quite boring and even ugly.
If you do not want to buy the stones and you have a river next to your house make sure that you choose the larger and medium size stones for your wall. The first row of your stone wall you must use the larger stones so that it is stronger. If you build your wall properly it will withstand bigger loads and the duration of her life will be twice as much. 

Once you have your stone wall you can decorate it with a different kind of beautiful rock garden plants which can be found in every garden center. There are with various size, color and shapes. And if you do not have much free time or you do not want to deal with it you can always call a landscaping specialist to do it for you.

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