Campanula plant care instructions and some tricks

Campanula flower
The campanula is relatively compact plant that comes from the Apennine peninsula, or more precisely of northern Italy. It is one of the types used for balcony landscaping. This beautiful species does not reach large sizes. 

The common height is 10-15cm and its width reaches 30-40cm. The Campanula’s bloom in the summer months. The colors of the plants are not very large and are colored in white and blue. 

Campanula is house plants which need a lot of light, it is best grown in a lit by the sun spot near a window.  The species does not requires very high temperatures. The seeds of the plant are often used by professional landscaping companies for the making of color beds with other annual flowers in the garden.

For the best decorative effect the Campanula should be grown in temperatures between 10-15 degrees Celsius. Those are the optimal temperatures for the plant, it is not demanding about the humidity. 

Campanula landscape
Does not require very high humidity or dry air. It feels great in moderate humidity. If you grow it in an apartment it is recommended to spray the leaves with water because the heating dries the air. Should water the plant with caution, never over water it, but keep the soil moisture. During the hot summer months the Campanula should be watered regularly.   

Excess watering leads to water retention around the roots, leading to their decay. If you allow the roots to rot you can say goodbye to the decorative effect of the plant, and sometimes the whole plant. When decorating your garden is better to use it in arrangements with different types of plants that have moderate watering. 

To prevent the collection of water around the roots you should have a pot with a well build drainage on the bottom. The simple thing that you can do is have some tile pieces at the openings in the bottom of the pot. So the water runs out and is not retained around the roots. On the top of this drainage you should put a layer of soil mixture which should be light (best use leaflet and sand). 

The have your plant growing big and strong it is recommended to fertilize during the summer months.  It is good to be fertilizing once every three weeks starting from April to September. Fertilization is good to be done with mineral fertilizers. Reproduction is an important part of the development of the species. Campanula’s can multiply in several ways.

The first way that can be reproduced, it is by splitting of the plant and it is nice to do this separation every two years. Another way to reproduce the plant is by cuttings with a length about 8cm. which are put in a sand boxes. After the appearance of roots they are planted in soil. The third and final way is reproduction by seed. It is good the reproduction to take place in early spring, if you use seeds you can do it alsoin autumn but indoors.

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