How to make decorative water area with different water effects in the garden?

Garden water area
The water areas are an indispensable part of the landscaping in the garden or patios. In this article we present a few easy steps and rules for construction of garden water area. First step is to choose a suitable place that can be seen from as many places in the yard (if the water area will be the accent).

It is preferred not to be under the trees in your garden (often cleaning in the autumn).

Second step is draw the desire shape of the water area, you can use a rope or the garden hose. It is good to determine the location of the ornamental plants or aquatic plants in advance.

Third step is to dig a hole. Outline the water area with the spade and then remove the rope or hose.
Dig to a depth of 30 cm and the same width make a new configuration of the coastline farther - this will be the foot of coastal plants (shelf) of your decorative water area. With a board and level align the shelf so that it is at the same depth underwater.

Continue to dig until you reach the desired depth for the inside circle. If you will grow ornamental fish at one of the sides dig to 1.20 meters. There will be there refuge for the winter. After digging, pound the trench and sprinkle it with 3 cm wet sand.

Step four – over the already dug hole spread lining and pinch it with stones that you are going to use for walls. Carefully and slowly press down the center of the lining to the bottom. Get inside and carefully start spreading the lining on the bottom and the shelf while slowly fill up with water.

Weight of the water will help to lay the liner tightly. At the end of the water area make a curb with stones or bricks, which pushes the linen down and it is at least 5 cm over the water. Use grout for the bricks but be careful not to drop any in the water, because it is highly toxic to certain aquatic plants and some fishes. If it falls empty the water area and clean it well.

Last step is arrangement. Choose the plants that you want to use but examine them first. Do the same for the fishes. After that activate your imagination and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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