How to grow Magnolia grandiflora - advice from gardener

Large flower of magnolia
Large flower magnolia or as it is also known by its Latin name Magnolia grandiflora is an amazingly beautiful tree, which can reach a height of about 30 m. The shape of the crown may be different, but the most common is widely pyramidal.

The crown is dense and dark green. In the different stages of development of the magnolia the crust changes color. In its adulthood the crust is gray and slightly cracked up.
The twigs and buds of this type are feathered with hairs that have orange color. The leaves are quite large (hence the origin and species name – grandiflora) elongated, egg shape and thick to the touch. 

At the top are sharp and  have a broad wedge base.
The leaves alone are very interesting. They are about 25 cm long with no serration.The big-leaf magnolia is one of the most common trees for landscaping of yards and gardens. It is often placed as a single focus and have around luxurious dark green grass mixtures.

The crown ot Magnolia grandiflora
The color of the leaves is dark green above and lighter below, the underside may have hairs with orange color. The leaves are with thick skin, which gives them even more beautiful appearance. Typical for them is that they are retained in the winter, because it is the only evergreen Magnolia. 

Above they may have shiny shade. The colors and also leavesare very beautiful this species is very valuable because of them.
The flowers give maximum decorative effect of the plant. They can reach up to 25cm In diameter. Flowers color is milky white and have a nice strong flavor. This species blooms between July and September.

Fruits of Magnolia grandiflora are much like the cone of conifer tree, but has nothing to do with it. The fruit is split at the top of the branches after the leaves. When the fruit opens you can noticed small red seeds, which resemble the shape of corn seeds.
Magnolia grandiflora is widespread and feels good in the southern parts of North America. There she is enjoying a nutrient rich, moist and light soils. This species is very demanding for the supply in the soil. If the plant does not have any mechanical damage and can withstand larger frosts without any consequences.

Seeds of Magnolia grandiflora
The species can withstand frosts to -18 degrees. In our country Magnolia grandiflora is found in areas with warmer climates such as the Black Sea and the southern parts of the country (Sandanski, Petrich, etc.).

Should sow Magnolia grandiflora in tucked away places with no cool winds, because they effect the decorative appearance of the plant. Used in parks and forest parks for single and group planting, as more and more used in privately held and managed gardens. In privately held and managed yards used mostly for single planting as Solitaire. For great decorative effects should be dressed with garden fertilizer.

Magnolia grandiflora is used in landscaping cause of its beautiful crown which you can enjoy all year and because of its incredible large flowers. 
Multiplication of Magnolia is by cuttings taken in spring and placed in sand. Multiplication can be also done by seed, but is much harder.It is a beautiful species that should be used more often if the weather conditions allow it. 

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